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Tuesday, 12.6.05:  Captain Ahab, Meet Pogo

Condoleeza's voice shakes when she's lying.

Or should I say "dissemble," in proper politico-speak? In the Sunday talk shows, when asked if the US tortures prisoners, Stephen Hadley said Ms. Rice would "address the issue." And she is addressing it in carefully chosen technical language - trying to ice skate her way around the truth.

Hadley's and Rice's carefully chosen words scream their subtext: OF COURSE WE TORTURE! WE'RE THE GOOD GUYS! SO WE CAN DO WHAT IT TAKES TO WIN!

We have met the enemy... and he is us.

And so, as we "fight fire with fire," we morph into the people we fear most. Pogo said it best, "We have met the enemy... and he is us."

Europeans are worried about our renditions and black prisons. Some of them actually remember concentration camps. Meanwhile in the U.S., the right-wing blathermongers have stirred up a completely bogus debate: "Happy Holidays" (left-wing athiest!) vs. "Merry Christmas" (properly Christian). Americans are so easily distracted.

Remember Moby Dick? Remember how Captain Ahab "stayed the course" in his heroic quest to destroy the great white whale? And what happened to him, class? He became one with the whale and his ship was destroyed.


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