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Monday, 12.5.05:  Babes In Boyland Revisited

Babes In Boyland, a Mad In Pursuit Diary

I spent yesterday revising the format of all my "Babes In Boyland" entries.

The Babes In Boyland essays were written when Maria and I were at the height of our fishing craze and prior to the development of Cosmopolitan Productions. We had an idea that we could write an adventure column for the local newspaper. Our stated goals:

q       Fun, friends, fishing: Have fun, make friends, go fishing – with a woman’s perspective and a beginner’s mind

q       Promote Rochester regional fishing, fishermen, and fishing-related businesses – in turn promoting Rochester as a great place to live or visit

We submitted the idea to one of the newspaper honchos who was in Leadership Rochester with Maria at the time. She promised to take a look and pass it on to the sports page editor, but she never did.

...nothing to do with journalism... everything to do with fun, friendship, fishing

The result of our scheming was this series of personal essays, which really have nothing to do with journalism but everything to do with fun, friendship, fishing -- and a kind of creative restlessness that was blooming during that period about 3 years ago.

The pages get a lot of traffic. I know why. Men do searches for "fisherbabes." They are looking for hot girls who know what to do with a fishing pole. Groan. But hope springs eternal that someone will be pulled in by my writing.

But in glancing back at the pages, I saw that that they were a little dull, with no constraints on the width of the text column, which can make them hard to read. I reformatted the CSS and spent way too much time getting my rollover (see above) to work. And I added more ads, just in case my visitors are actually interested in fishing. The essays are long by web standards but I still love them. It was a pleasant way to spent of cold Sunday.


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