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Sunday, 12.4.05:  Google Popularity

Yesterday I got my first check from Google -- $101. That was for nearly 5 months of hosting the little ads that have been peppering my pages.

What would I do to be more popular?

It's not a living. $20 a month doesn't even cover what I pay for web hosting. And yet it does take me a baby step toward considering myself a professional writer, being paid for my daily blah-blah-blah.

If only I were more popular...

Isn't that life's wistful cry? What would I do to be more popular?

I could write incredibly funny send-ups of the most popular media stars -- Brittany Spears and, uh, ... the other ones whose names I can't remember. Or I could write savage political analysis, but I'm no Maureen Dowd and my rants would certainly get lost.

No, I'm too old to sell my soul for clicks. And, despite my age, I'm not cynical enough to think I can't make a contribution to this crazy world by running an "accumulated wisdom" booth in the cyber-bazaar.

So... I will continue to play around with formatting and with improving my writing. On most days, my writing is all first-draft stuff and once I get going on a topic I can't shut up. Readers want their web-wisdom in short doses or they'd be reading The New Yorker.



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