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Saturday 12.3.05: Week in Review

Not a high productivity week.

I got mentally stranded out at Castlewood, in the strange parallel universes between my childhood and my mother's childhood. Once, twice, thrice.

Frustration: I wish I could write like Toni Morrison or Maya Angelou and really evoke the magic of childhood. But I get stuck on accumulating facts and getting them into timelines.

Frustration: I wish I could draw amusing and quirky diagrams to illustrate the paths of childhood. But I get stuck on maps. I have an old ex-bureaucrat's fussiness over accuracy.

Along the way, I did some more work with simple GIF animations in Photoshop and put some action into my Redesigning home page logo. Somewhere in the process of rebuilding my hard drive I lost my Dauphin font, which I used for the logo and which I love. (I wonder which defunct software version installed it...) But in the process of cleaning out a box of old disks I found some additional fonts that I purchased eons ago that hadn't been loaded on this computer. I can also get snagged in the underbrush of font forest...

By yesterday I finally forced myself to get up some ebay auctions. My store has been very quiet. I thought bargain hunters would be snatching up all my sheet music to use as cheap Christmas presents. Nothing.

But I did dip my toe in the water of Google advertising. I figured out how to use AdWords -- those 4-line ads that appear in everybody's margins these days -- including mine. Now I'm a "vintage sheet music" advertiser. You decide what you want to every time someone clicks on your ad and you set a maximum daily budget for what you're willing to pay. I figured out that if I paid 7 cents per click I'd show up near the top of the list for the likely key words. But I pegged my daily limit at $2. It's an ingenious system, but we'll see where it gets me.

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