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Wednesday, 12.2.05:  Doldrums

I spent yesterday being completely unmotivated.

I couldn't get my mind into any project. I guess when you're employed there are those days when you spend more time gabbing with co-workers around the coffee pot than getting things done. You can think of it as "team-building" and still justify your paycheck.

But if I'm not engaged in something useful, I start feeling degenerate.

I threw my gym clothes in the washer. Yawn. Then I decided I'd reconnect my iPod to the newly rebuilt computer - something useful. It had been giving me mysterious error messages and not downloading everything. My plan was to restore the iPod to its factory settings and start over.

So I downloaded the latest version of iTunes. Check. Downloaded the latest iPod updater. Check. Connected the iPod. Eeeek. The evil "corrupt file" message appears. How could that possibly be??? It must be the iPod, not my computer. So I start the restore process. Another evil message: "Restore failed. Can't write to disk." Wuh? Now when I turn on the iPod, all I get is the "exclamation point error" with the URL of Apple's support page. The upshot: iPod has been approved for return to Apple for a proper exorcism.

Thus has been my success with electronics over the past couple of weeks. And this morning the coffee maker broke.

Maybe I should go read a book.


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