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Saturday 11.19.05: Week in Review

The week was busy but more frustrating than productive.

Eternal computer challenges. I played around with my computer all week trying to upgrade from Windows XP Home Edition to XP Pro, so that my networking would work better. Got caught in the old one-step-forward/two-steps-backward trap. Fortunately, it's not critical -- but I hate it when my machines don't play nice. Carol helped steer me, but I'm afraid her advice about wiping everything out and starting over may be the path I have to take.

Sales. I got 13 auctions up last weekend + sheet music, so I procrastinated and don't have anything ready for this weekend. I tried to get a book collection ready for sale -- actually it was 10 books and 109 scientific reprints. They are all by John F. Fulton, a venerable scholar that taught Jim in medical school at Yale -- very famous, but only to a narrow group of folks. I poked along. The value ought to be upwards of $1000 but the problem is where to find a buyer.

A little more creative. Amid the frustration I found solace in finishing up my After Effects tutorial, teaching myself how to use ImageReady for simple animations, and then writing up an ImageReady tutorial. If you didn't notice the airplane flying across the logo to the right, right-click on it and select Play. I don't like the flashing, blinking animations that get plopped on pages, but I'm partial to the ones where a little element appears, intrigues you, then goes away.

Social. Karen Z. came over Thursday for dinner. Haven't seen her in a century. It was fun. I'm going through a phase of wanting to see my friends in ones or twos rather than in groups. I can have them all to myself (or all to Jim and myself) to really catch up with them.

Other entertainments. We watched "The Color Purple" -- neither of us remember seeing it before. And I finally finished John LeCarre's Absolute Friends. The book sagged a little about three-quarters in -- I couldn't tell where it was going -- then pow! the ending was devastating. No one can do institutional betrayal like John LeCarre.

Physical. Talked to my doctor about the arthritis that the Dexa-Scan technician thought she saw in my back. The doctor said as much as Duh... everybody over 35 has arthritis in their spine. Keep exercising and take Motrin when it bothers you. Oh, all right...

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