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Friday, 11.18.05:  Walking for fitness

There's a new fitness idea floating around: attach a pedometer to your waistband and walk 10,000 steps a day. The idea is that you may not need a formally structured exercise program if you just hustle and bustle.

Seems simple enough. While I get to the gym 3-4 times a week, there are those days where I am attached to my computer and never leave the house. Winter is coming and I'll be less likely to substitute one of my yoga classes for a long walk. And the cookie and pie holidays are upon us.

I stopped at a running store and bought a pedometer

So I stopped at a running store and bought a pedometer. (I see now that Barnes & Noble has a whole walking "kit" with pedometer for $9.95.) The advice is to wear it for a while without knocking yourself out to establish your baseline activity.

I've worn it now for 2 days and am a long way from 10,000 steps. Wednesday was mostly a desk day, but I did spend 20 minutes on the strider at the gym. 4500 steps.

Yesterday I thought I was hustling -- errands and a little housework, not much sitting. I even parked at the far end of the parking lot in a couple of places. Result: 5600 steps. Hmmm...

10,000 steps seems like a worthy goal. Hustling and bustling seems like what I ought to be doing. But we'll see if I can crank up the engine to twice its comfortable speed.


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