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Tuesday, 11.15.05:  Popularity

I write tutorials and guides because it makes me feel like a professional and like I have something to share. I also do it because if I don't write down how I solved a problem, I face the inevitable frustration of having to solve it all over again.

Looking at my site statistics also makes me face the fact that people surf the web looking for information and aren't necessarily interested in my philosophizing. Occasionally I have to go look at my site statistics for a dose of reality. Here's what they look like for October 2005 (annotated):

 Anyone familiar with the web cosmos can see these are humble, small town figures. My little cybervillage among the big cities and suburban sprawl of the blogosphere. My Journal Index page tells me that about 14 people stop by on any given day to see what's up. I think the Babes in Boyland pages are popular because lonely fishermen do a Google search on "fisher babes" although some of my best writing is contained in those little essays.

The popular Ecuador page is about the volcano and the Pakistan page is about guns.

There are enough family history visits that they can't all be my mother. Other searchers...

Maybe the stats are one way of answering the question: "What good are you???" Tough question, interesting answers. I better find another tutorial to write...


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