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Saturday 11.12.05: Week in Review

Another busy week -- good socially, got a few things started but not enough finished. Probably a little too much time on the interesting byways and not enough on the highway.

Saturday. Maria dropped by with coffee, bearclaws, and her parents for a short morning visit. I'd never met her dad.  Organizational fit.

Sunday. Busy-ness

Monday. I had my Dexa-scan this afternoon. Bone density is perfect but the technician thinks I have arthritis in my lower back. Oh, is that why I can't do yoga like a 25 year old? Good motivation to keep exercising and eat right.

Tuesday. Started working on a tutorial for After Effects -- which really means I'm trying to document exactly how I got my pan and zoom effect to work in that George Mason video. I want to avoid the situation of trying to do it again 6 months from now and having to start from scratch.

Wednesday. "Grrrrin 'N Bear It" Category: Ebay customer service complaint. I mailed a pair of antique snowshoes on the slow boat to Taiwan and they got there in amazing time, but the customer now says the two don't really match -- the webbing is done in a slightly different pattern one compared to the other -- making them harder to sell as decorator items. Oh, darn, they were only $29. And then he complained about what he paid for shipping and handling vs what the actual postage was. I gave him the option of sending them back but also offered him a $5 rebate to make him feel better. Then I reminded him that I already refunded $4 of S&H to him because the postage was less than anticipated. He took the 5 bucks and remembered the $4. Happy.

I proceeded to an extended happy hour with an old friend.

Thursday. Concentrating on getting a few items listed for this week's ebay auction.

Friday. I think I meant to post more on ebay but my morning email from Ancestry.Com said they updated their database of World War I Draft Registration. I jumped over there to find George Mason (we see him in a Navy uniform but on the 1930 census he claims he was not a veteran.) I found him immediately. So I went on to find both my grandfathers, 2 great uncles, and my Great Aunt Nellie's husband (or who I think is her husband). Little tidbits to update the family history files with.

Then I got obsessed with why my wireless network doesn't work right. The file sharing is working only one way, even though both computers are seen on the network and it worked from Sunday through Tuesday. My tweaking somehow crashed Roadrunner (my cable modem internet access) and I couldn't get it going again. I had to humble myself and call customer service to get back online. By then it was 3 PM and definitely time for my afternoon nip.

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