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Monday, 11.07.05:  Organization Girl

And so I continue to ask: does Getting Organized flow into Better Accomplishment? Or will it simply leave me stranded at the crossroads of Distraction and Overkill?

After my organizational seizure Saturday night, what did I do yesterday?

I appreciated my cleaned off desk and work table and my list of things to do (even though, by the end of the day I hadn't crossed anything off).

I finished posting this week's batch of Paul Wall photographs. Necessary. Like Woody Allen said, 90% of success is showing up. No listing, no sales. I started to list some stereo views from my sale box. Lafayette Park in St. Louis. I got through 5 -- boring.

I packed up 4 ebay sales, printed out electronic postage, and ran them to the post office. Speedy customer service -- must protect the reputation.

Stopped at Home Depot and bought magnets to attach to small bulletin board to my refrigerator -- a project not done by the end of the day. I didn't spray the new tile with the sealer either -- damn. Stopped at Target to buy socks. Liquor store to replenish my wine supply. Can't decide whether I enjoy the image of myself having an artsy afternoon nip or whether I really need go puritan and drop a few pounds.

Had a nip. Took a nap. Read the paper. It is Sunday, right?

We watched a documentary - "Southern Comfort." About a hillbilly female-to-male transsexual with terminal ovarian cancer. The underlying story was really about love among a small group of 3 transsexual couples in the backwoods of the South. It was the type of movie that jangled your stereotypes about everything.

Ended the evening with some fussy desk work -- customer shipping notifications, counting my moolah...



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