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Saturday 11.05.05: Week in Review

Busy week doing a variety of different things -- a struggle to keep my workspace organized.

Saturday. Brisk day on ebay. Paul Wall photographs are selling -- excellent.

Sunday. Listed another 25 titles of sheet music on ebay -- will it ever end???

Monday. Annual MD check up. All is well. Scheduled a bone density scan -- too many women I know have been caught by surprise with osteoporosis.

Tuesday. They came to measure our front windows, upstairs and downstairs. The seal is broken on our double panes (southern exposure?), so the windows need to be replaced. I guess that will help with insulation, but I care more about the view -- there is condensation building up between the panes.

Wednesday. I've been working up a little video on my Sackett-Mason family -- concentrating on the son George. I was working on a voiceover script, but then decided that maybe I should let pictures do the talking instead. More of a challenge for me.

Thursday. Birthdays. Babied myself, wrapped in warm birthday greetings from lots of loved ones. Shopping. Chocolate chip cookies. Wine. Pizza with sundried tomatoes and pesto.

Bonus: Made nearly $200 selling old camera reference material that was one easy toss away from the recycling bin. Someone in Norway paid over $30 for a typed paper on antique Bausch & Lomb camera shutters, which was handed out at a local photo club meeting back in 1981.

Friday. Spent most of the day working in Adobe After Effects on my George Mason video. It is two minutes of watching a boy regress from about the age of 19 to the age of one. What does it say? Not much, but it's been a great exercise in turning photos into video -- adding movement and making them blend seamlessly (sort of) from one to the other. I'll post it after I add a little music of some sort.

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