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Monday, 10.31.05:  Psycho-Bitch

I woke up thinking about personality types.

First, psycho-bitches. I was thinking of the psycho-bitch as a woman who can easily present herself in two ways: smooth-talking and rational on the one hand; batshit crazy on the other. She is driven by a warped sense of herself and the world. Builds herself up through displays of competence, while tearing everyone else down through half-lies and clever manipulations. Occasional revelations of the inner freak, but only to people powerless to convince anyone of what they are seeing. The kind of person who must spend all her internal time creating logical explanations for why she is always right and others are always wrong.

But on second thought, I don't think this profile is limited to women. Aren't there plenty of men who get ahead by manipulating the rational world to fit their bizarre internal maps? I had to fire a man once who slavishly sought to please me with his ideas and plans and reports. Meanwhile, back in his office, he screamed obscenities at his team.

So is a psycho-bitch just an estrogen-drenched version of this manipulative personality... or do I have it altogether wrong?

"Sycophant"* is a good word, but most sycophants aren't insane...




*sycophant: a person who tries to please someone in order to gain a personal advantage



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