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Saturday 10.29.05: Week in Review

A busy week.

Saturday. I decided to paint a couple of the grungiest "hallway" walls between the top of the stairs and the new kitchen -- walls that didn't involve packing up a museum's worth of collectible to get to. After watching the so-called professionals in the kitchen do it, I decided to figure out how fast I could get it done. I already had the paint and the blue tape and a drawer full of brushes and rollers. After a few fits and starts getting myself organized, the job was done in a couple hours. What a difference!

Stopped by Maria's in the afternoon to catch up on her life.

Sold my Russian Photosniper camera for $200 to someone in Switzerland. I thought I might get more, but in fact it was only 30 years old and I was selling it "as is."

Sunday. Puttering

Monday. Complex packaging projects -- the Russian camera and a pair of old snowshoes. But I sped through it so we could initiate our powder room project.

Tuesday. Straightening up around my boxes of things to sell. Found a pile of discarded articles and monographs about camera collecting -- one of those annoying piles that get shifted from shelf to shelf, too dreary to sell, too intriguing to throw away. I decided to bite the bullet and get them scanned to stick them on ebay.

Wednesday. Old friend came over for happy hour. We got into a yelling match over politics. He's a bleeding heart like the rest of my friends, but loves to take a contrary position and egg me on. Fun.

Thursday. Surprise: I posted half the pile of old photographic articles on ebay and people are jumping at them. This is not the stuff fortunes are made of, but it still tickles me that someone's willing to pay $2 for something I could have easily tossed. It doesn't make me feel rich, but it does make me feel virtuous.

Friday. Maria, Scott, Carol, and Deb came over for a Mexican dinner and margaritas. Casual, fun. I made tortilla soup. Six is the maximum we can handle for a dinner where you have to sit down and use two hands. Our small living room will just seat six. A good gluttonous time was had by all.


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