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Wednesday, 10.26.05:  Focus on the WC

Jim and I have been planning to remodel of the powder room on our first floor. Like our former kitchen it is the essence of 1970s apartment decor -- the cheapest possible gold-flecked Formica on particle board, sheet metal medicine cabinet and textured linoleum.

I like having these little projects with Jim. While he tends to solve decorating problems with art cover-ups, when the home-improvement mistress (that's me) calls, he puts his formidable aesthetic sensibility into the project.

So, till now, the fix for our ugly WC has been to fill it with lovely little pieces of Mexican folk art. It cheers up the Formica, but still...

After a trip to San Miguel de Allende a few years ago, where we stayed at a well-decorated inn, I really wanted a Talavera pottery wash basin -- something really unusual. But it has always seemed like a design project I couldn't handle. I decided we better just get a basic pedestal sink.

Monday, Jim and I went to the local bathroom showrooms. To his eye, a white porcelain pedestal sink didn't raise the aesthetic bar much over gold-flecked Formica. "The more I look at these, the more I like the idea of a Mexican sink," he said.

My inspiration guy.

Yesterday, we went to the local Mexican trader and picked up a colorful basin made in central Mexico. With a little bit of web research, the ideas are percolating. Stay tuned for more adventures in home improvement...




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