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Sunday, 10.23.05:  Roe v. Wade

Sunday is talking head day, so I might as well add my 2 cents.

On Thursday, I commented on the chameleon nature of Harriet Miers. She has reassured everyone regarding what they want to hear about Roe v. Wade, from far right to far left.

But here's my beef: since when is abortion the defining issue of 21st century America?

Since when is abortion the defining issue of 21st century America?

The issue is largely a smokescreen. Republicans use it to mobilize the rabble and to help keep themselves in office. Republicans are not interested in embryo rights one way or another. They are interested in the rights of corporations to ruin the planet on their way to big profits and the rights of the elite class to have all the advantages. In their corrupt, down-with-government world, they use religious beliefs as one more cynical tool on their way to world domination.

If Roe v. Wade was overturned, if the regulation of medical practice was thrown back to the states, would we begin to address the broader issues of the purpose of good government? Could we talk about economic and environmental issues again? 

Hmmm... probably not. The rabble would distract us with gay marriage or school prayer or flag burning...




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