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Saturday 10.22.05: Week in Review

A full week -- trying to maintain ebay energy while revving up my creative engines. Busy, in not totally productive.

Saturday-Sunday. Looking at my loose ends -- all the projects hanging out there. There's a show starting next week at the Eastman House on a series of photos taken ever year of 4 sisters. It reminded me of the photo collection we have of the Fredonia family. I finally did a formal family tree based on all our research and plugged a few more holes by checking out census data on With over 200 photos it feels so unwieldy, but now I'm wondering if I could do a very short little movie, Ken Burns style, visually exploring the photos and adding a voiceover. With just the right emotional angle, it could be fun and informative.

Monday. Backsplash tile grouted. Spent the morning making notes from "Time in a Frame," a book about the social meaning of photography in the late 19th century. Afternoon excursion to pick up more grout and drop excess kitchenware at Goodwill.

Tuesday. Kitchen finished.

Wednesday. Morning with Jim getting his semi-annual endoscopy. Fun. Reorganized my computer files of the Fredonia photos.

Thursday. To the gym for a Pilates class -- yikes, I'm feeling out of shape. Brainless: started listing another 25 pieces of sheet music on ebay. Will the pile never end???

If you have a powerful computer and want to feel like Peter Pan, go to and download their free software. You can fly around the world, then swoop down on a specific address. You can take yourself on a trip up the Niger River or zoom in for an aerial view of the house you grew up in. Wow. I downloaded it while watching the news on CNN -- it's what they use all the time to zoom in on New Orleans or Cozumel.

Friday. Writing. Yoga. Finished listing more sheet music. Listed 14 more Paul Wall photos for sale.


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