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Thursday, 10.20.05:  Inside Harriet Miers

The whole Harriet Miers thing is a tangled mess from every angle. You don't know whether a strategy is working or bombing. Is "Harry" a cipher or a character we know all too well?

I think she's a classic type: the class brown-nose, grown into an opportunist extraordinaire. A chameleon. And quite possibly a complete phony.

What's a smart cookie to do?

I don't think she has any personal beliefs at all.

How far would a liberal Catholic get in a good ole boy law office? Or in Texas politics? Nowhere. What's a smart cookie to do?

Get born again.

She must have learned early to hide her true self -- someone deemed unacceptable to the society she lived in -- and yet someone who desperately wanted to be loved. (Did she do homework for the cool kids so they'd let her hang out with them?)

So, be a good girl, say all the right things, and do anything to get into all the right clubs. Voil. Her brand of gushing adoration no doubt goes over well in big-hair country. That, plus the fact that she is 60 and single, makes you wonder how many man she slept with on her way to the top. And/or (Katherine-Hepburnlike) what married man she was having a decades-long affair with. And/or how deeply disgusted she is with the men she's been servicing all her life.

How will she do on the Supreme Court? My prediction is that, having gotten to the pinnacle, she will shift immediately away from Bush and all the Texas yahoos she's endured. She'll become Chief Justice Roberts' little brownie. She'll either vote with him on everything or, with a little mentoring from her peers, finally dare to have an opinion all her own.




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