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Monday, 10.17.05:  Grouchy

I'm hoping today marks the end of our kitchen project. The backsplash tile will be grouted and, with a couple of paint touch-ups, that will be that.

Our biggest challenge has been and continues to be reinstalling all the "stuff" that was in the kitchen before -- from art to unused plates. It's amazing what a room accumulates, especially when one household (mine) joins another (his). Even though we thought we thinned things out when we emptied the old kitchen cabinets, we still have too much. Since we don't know any kids starting up their first apartment, we decided to pack things up for Goodwill.

As for the art that filled one end of the kitchen -- these also accumulated without plan. Jim would buy something, look for some blank wall space, find it in the kitchen, and pound in a nail. Or, if it was sculptural, give it a place on the kitchen table. A collage of conversation pieces. Now that we have a chance to rethink it, our heads ache.

My knees are also beginning to ache from running up and down the stairs. Why does everything seem out of place?? Why is nothing finished?? And don't get me started about the dust... All I want is beauty and order -- is that too much to ask? Or am I simply turning into an old fuddy-duddy?




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