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Saturday 10.15.05: Week in Review

A week of getting back into routines.

Saturday-Sunday. Finished scanning all our Hollywood portrait photographs. Set them up in a nice little slide show on a disk for our dealer.

Last week's ebay sells didn't break any records but saw a nice international spread, from Canada to Australia to my first customer in Israel. Lots of careful packaging to do.

Monday. Back to the gym!

Tuesday. The tile store called to say our beautiful glass backsplash tile was in. We raced to pick it up. But when I got home and opened a box, I was disappointed -- the surface was uneven and vitreous, like caramels left out in the sun, not at all as pearly and lustrous as I remembered. I called the store in a panic to ask if I could compare it with the samples. Ok. We put the boxes in the car and raced back. How could this situation possibly be saved??? Oh! the sales rep said when she saw them and went to find the original samples. By the time she brought them to us, she'd realized the problem: we were looking at the backsides. Instead of netting on the back, these tiles have protective brown paper on the front. Nevermind. We drove back home much happier.

Wednesday. The trouble with installing a new motherboard in your computer is that some of your devices need to be reinstalled. Damn Apple and its proprietary schemes -- my iPod/iTunes set up no longer saw my computer as "authorized" so none of my purchased music would download to the iPod. Apple seems to make a splash every day with their wonderful little devices, but just try to look for technical support. Fuhgeddaboudit.

Soviet PhotosniperThursday. Thanks to a friendly person on an Apple discussion board my iPod authorization problem was solved, but I have a corrupt file somewhere that's causing a different problem. I hate it when machines cop an attitude.

Jim found a weird Russian camera in the back of his closet -- a "photosniper." A 35 mm. camera with a 300 mm. telephoto lens on a gunstock, with a shoulder stock for support. You pull the trigger to expose the film. It looks like you're shooting a rifle instead of a photo - not a good idea for crowded subway stations. Apparently it was designed for wildlife photography, so you wouldn't need to lug around a heavy tripod. Nifty. I spend a lot of time taking pictures and getting it posted on ebay for next week's sales.

A guy came by from a window company and took measurements to replace the window panes at the front of our townhouse. They are double-paned windows with broken seals, so moisture is accumulating in them. Our home improvement jag continues.

Jim's daughter Heidi was partaking in the Yom Kippur rituals and we got the benefit of her "penance." She brought by a wonderful home-cooked meal in honor of my father.

Friday. Brian came back to install the tiles in the kitchen. But because glass tiles take longer to set up in the cement, he has to come back on Monday to remove the protective covering and lay in the grout. Groan. But at least the painting is done and we can move the table and chairs back in.


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