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Saturday 10.8.05: Week in Review

The last time I wrote a "week in review" was September 10. Then I was into our kitchen project and stewing over the Gulf Coast fiasco. But September wound up being the best of times and the saddest of times with my family -- a great family weekend, then a great family funeral as we said goodbye to my dad.

The past week was a rocky one -- it felt like the universe was askew. Our parrot felt it too as she went from screaming tantrum to screaming tantrum. (They say pets are therapeutic -- this doesn't apply to parrots.)

I guess I'm "in mourning" but I don't know what that means. There's no modern secular ritual to cover it -- no black veil or armbands to wear for a certain length of time. There should be something -- a signal to others to beware of roller coaster emotions.

Our kitchen work is in its last endless phases. Every day our crew accomplishes half of what's left to do -- which means they might keep showing up forever. Officially, all that's left now is to install the tile backsplash. We finally picked out what we want on Monday and turns out the "we stock everything" tile store had to special order it. But slowly we are finding places for all our kitchen crap and starting another box of giveaways. [Pictures later]

I came back from St. Louis full of inspiration and ambition. Then last Friday my computer broke down -- blanked out screen. Hours on the phone with Gateway. First it was the monitor. Then it was the video card. The FedEx'd video card didn't cure anything so I hauled it to a local guy. Now it was the motherboard. Then the old memory chips didn't fit the new motherboards. More memory. More Fed Ex. Then the new motherboard didn't fit the old computer case. When I finally got it home Wednesday night, it would only boot in Safe Mode -- wahhhhhhh!... But a phone call to the repair guy Thursday morning quickly fixed the problem. I'm back in business.

Sales set-back -- when we got back from St. Louis, the Paul Wall collection was back on our doorstep -- unsold. Grrrr. Our dealer "lost his enthusiasm for it." Double-grrr. I suppose if they will not sell as a collection of pictorialist photography, I will sell them individually in my ebay store. Now I'm busy scanning the Hollywood portrait photography, which -- the same dealer assures me -- is in an entirely different class from the mysterious Paul Walls. This time, I want to see the color of his money...

Jim and I hate to admit we are intolerant of disruption and change. Aren't we cosmopolitans, after all? World travelers? Maybe foreign correspondents can live months on end from suitcases in strange hotel rooms. But right now we look forward to "normalcy." Our parrot screams when her world becomes unpredictable -- she's like our canary in the coal mine. Next week she'll be contented and quiet, I'm sure.


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