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Saturday 9.10.05: Week in Review

Why bother with a week in review, since I've been laying it out for you all week? The main eventhas been work on the kitchen. Yesterday a temporary sink was installed, along with new microwave and dishwasher. Today the electrician comes to install new lights and connect the appliances.

The backdrop for my neat little project is the Washington's Let Them Eat Cake project on the Gulf Coast. For a government that attracts fundamentalist votes by pretending to think evolution is "only a theory," they seem to be perfectly comfortable with "social darwinism" -- survival of the fittest as social policy. They truly and deeply don't care about poor people and don't believe government has any business leveling the playing field. If you have a trust fund, then you deserve a tax break and all the government contracts you can pull out of the cookie jar. If your grandparents were sharecroppers and happen to live in a state historically only slightly less corrupt than a post-colonial tinpot dictatorship, please do not bother Washington.

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