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Sunday, 9.4.05:  Creative line-up

My filmmaking business may have stalled out for the time being, but that doesn't mean my creative drive doesn't need an outlet. Oh, sure, shopkeeping has its creative element, but it's more of a means to an end. The product generated is, finally, an Excel spreadsheet of my inventory with rows colored blue or green or yellow when something sells. Nothing you'd want to hang on the wall.

I'm hoping the shop will have a busy and prosperous fall season, but I still need to accomplish some creative product. The projects I'm picking away at:

Nellie. The fate of my great aunt is still mysterious. We discovered what happened but it bugs me that we don't know why. I keeping thinking if I look hard enough, her psychology will reveal itself. Last week I took the coroner's report transcript and began weaving a story around it. As I type their actual words, I can imagine their thoughts, their reactions to one another, and their memories. I guess that would fall into the category of historical fiction. Or docudrama. Maybe it will amount to a work that can be made public. Or maybe it will simply be one of those weird obsessions people get. I guess either one would be okay as long as I finish it.

Pandora. I revived my dormant "screenplay" project about Maddie's exile from Pandora Youth Services. Before it turns into a short movie, it will first be a set of correspondence. I have an outline all done, so it just requires pushing along. I spent some time last night revising what I've already done, clarifying my characters a little more. The artwork connected with the imaginary correspondence is consistent with my ongoing interest in collage, altered art, outsider art, expatriate themes, etc. I don't know why I let it lapse.

Handcrafting. I keep playing with paint, paper, fabric, beads, etc. I don't know where that's going at all. It may be only exercise for my digital crafts. Maybe doing things like putting a bead straps on an old purse is, heaven forbid, just fun.




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