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Wednesday, 8.31.05:  Water, water

In light of the Gulf Coast devastation, it would be very small of me of whine about the post-hurricane rains we got all night here.

But our garage is full of brand new cherry-wood cabinets AND THE FLOOR IS WET.

Fortunately, I had been worried about this and borrowed some wooden palettes from our contractor. But the mover dumped the boxes in so fast the other day that I only put down two of the four palettes. I was really mostly worried about rain coming in under the door and most of the boxes were set deep in the back of the garage where it usually stays dry.

But, as our president would say, I misunderestimated.

After a night of soaking rain, there was a bit of water under the second row of boxes. At 5 A.M. I was shifting boxes around, got the 2 other palettes down, and the most vulnerable boxes up.

I suppose if the water were 15 feet deep I'd just walk away...

Good to keep some perspective.




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