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Saturday 8.27.05: Week in Review

Greta Garbo in Queen ChristinaIt was a quiet week of exemplary Rochester weather. The humidity rolled back and cool breezes ruffled the trees. All my local friends have abandoned me for the time being so the week was definitely a Planet Susan kind of week.

Store. I was a little burnt out on listing store items (though I did get a start on my promise to list 5 books a week -- research done on all 5, 1 listed). But, even though I'm not doing auctions till September, I did make 9 sales from the store catalog -- at least one a day -- including someone who bought 8 pieces of sheet music last night. That's encouraging. Go, sheet music!

Web work. If you've been reading along you know I spent a lot of time redesigning my Redesigning page. I started another Photoshop tutorial but got bogged down. The tutorial is on how to make web page backgrounds from old letters, like the one you see here.

Garbo. We spent some time on the phone with our California photo dealer. He has a customer potentially interested in Greta Garbo photos. I made great big beautiful scans of our 4 but then they were way to big to email and even bogged down when I tried to post them on my website. (I think the Roadrunner uploading speed was way sluggish.)

Coroner's Inquest. On Thursday I finally got the Coroner's Report on the death of my great aunt from the St. Louis Medical Examiner. Nellie died from the after effects on an illegal abortion in 1913 and my fellow researchers (my mom and Rose P.) and I have been very curious about the circumstances. I made a PDF file of the report and posted it so Mom and Rose could get it ASAP. The chilling transcript provided a lot of food for thought and prompted a flurry of emails between the 3 of us as we tried to sort it all out. I'll probably have a revised page for Nellie posted on Sunday.

Next week we started cleaning out the kitchen for work to commence on Labor Day.

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