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Monday, 8.22.05: Squirrel Syndrome

I've discussed the 3 AM syndrome and revealed the 3 PM nip-or-nap phenomenon. Everyone knows about wintry sunlight deprivation syndrome (officially known as Seasonal Affective Disorder - S.A.D.) and recently I alluded to acute where-did-the-summer-go anxiety (how about Midsummer Anxiety Disorder? - M.A.D.!).

Now I've recognized a variant of M.A.D. -- or maybe its sequel. For me there comes a point in August where it feels too late to worry about the summer and I start anticipating September. It is anxiety, whipped up with a little excitement, which translates into the restlessness I referred to yesterday.

There was a squirrel furiously digging in the grass out back this morning. Maybe he was beginning to bury nuts for the winter. That's the instinct I'm talking about.

I ran from craft store to craft store stocking up on supplies

Some people catch a whiff of fall and start canning vegetables and making jams. Every few years I get a bug to attend to my "back-to-school" clothes, but it's not so much an issue without a 9-to-5 office job.

Yesterday I was sick of thinking about ebay but it was premature to start packing away kitchen things for the big renovation. So I ran from craft store to craft store stocking up on supplies. It's slightly insane because I'm not that crafty. I get these urges to do some kind of collaging or messy creative artist's journal, but I have to admit that my best work happens on the computer not on paper.

But there is something about "stocking up" that is so-o-o-o-o satisfying. Acrylic paints, colored wire, an eyelet punch... and a glue gun. What am I going to use a glue gun for? I have no idea. But whatever comes my way, I'm ready...

P.S. A 3 P.M. nip goes a long way to making this syndrome more enjoyable as you test and put away your new supplies.



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