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Saturday 8.20.05: Week in Review

Saturday. Book lot sales were underwhelming. 5 big boxes sold for about $65, but since the alternative was donating them all somewhere, I figure I came out ahead -- and bought myself some valuable shelf space.

I started cataloging our Hollywood studio portraits for possible sale.

Sunday. The first  of my grudgingly researched books -- The Sinking of the Titanic -- sold for $60. Motivation!

Still cataloguing Hollywood portraits -- barely went outdoors. I get really fixated on projects like this -- half-fascinated and half-crazed to get the job done. Aside from the gorgeous portraits, we have an insane amount of related materials -- publicity material, movie magazines, clippings. I start to look at these and get pulled into their allure, but finally have to put them all away, out of my sight so I can concentrate on one thing at a time.

Monday. Finished the Hollywood catalog -- a nose-to-the-screen push. Got the list off to our dealer friend.

Tuesday. Trying to take advantage of the nice weather by exercising outside -- long walks. Started some research on the value of our Hollywood photographs, but I'm not coming up with much.

Wednesday. Didn't do much work today. Did some dusting for my exercise (the front blinds -- yikes), had my hair cut. A friend dropped by for happy hour and it was a perfect evening for sitting on the back porch.

Thursday.  Jim presented me with 3 books that would be "nice to sell" -- dupes from his collection -- two "used" and one "collectible." I combined them with 5 strays that were sitting on my studio floor waiting for attention (who let them out of their box??!). Got photos and scans taken -- I'm getting pretty efficient at that. Then I tackled doing the price research on the 7 most valuable books. I'm becoming more familiar with antiquarian book language and less intimidated by the Addall listings. But the process slows down when I have to write an accurate description. I managed to drive Jim a little crazy with questions and demands for double-checking his shelves for earlier editions, etc. I got the 2 used ones listed, then a classic volume about Abe Lincoln published in 1865.

Friday. My outside exercise regime today went awry. It was beautiful along the canal, but I got caught in a sudden rain shower about 1/2 hour away from my car. Well, maybe it made me walk faster.

Nose-to-the-screen time again. Got the rest of this week's books listed by 4:15. Mind you, we have at least 3 heavy boxes of medical history books to be sold, plus a few shelves full of other potential gems. Unless the money starts rolling in fast, I've decided that listing 5 per week will be my quota, especially since I have many other auctions to do.

Eek! We got a call that all our new cabinets would be delivered on Monday, when they weren't due till the second week in September. We got them to postpone it a week because our contractor can't start till September in any case.

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