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Saturday 8.13.05: Week in Review

Saturday. Altogether I wound up putting 5 boxes of books up for auction -- paperbacks, once popular management books, and outdated outdoors guides. If I make $100 it'll be a miracle.

Went to Allison's 40th birthday party.

Sunday. My project for the day was working on more book sales -- transferring an amazingly few books from Half.Com to Ebay. I don't have the beat yet for listing books. I hate feeling pokey, but I know it's a stage I always go through before the rhythm sets in.

Part of getting oriented to more book sales: I read lots of informative entries from the ebay discussion board on bookselling. Through that resource, I found a service called Addall where you can get a comparison listing for any used or out-of-print book being offered by the big online book services. Holy cow! A great research resource, but utterly overwhelming. Talk about throwing one's beat off -- this brought me to a dead halt.

Monday. After being paralyzed by looking at the Addall listings, I was determined to get 3 lousy books listed in our store -- books that were old and potentially valuable. It took me half the day, but I got my approach worked out. I can't compete with million-volume booksellers, but I can write comprehensive descriptions.

Tuesday. Where did Tuesday go?

Wednesday. Picked out wood for our kitchen floor. Yes, we're going hardwood instead of tile. Our plan is to eventually extend it out into the living room. I love the rich dark colors and interesting textures, but when we brought home samples and imagined them with our dark cabinets, dark-wood furniture and deep red rugs, we had to agree that the classic natural red oak was going to be best.

Thursday. Someone actually bought 7 pieces of our 1929 sheet music. This gives me hope that I might actually do some sales in that category. Hard work for 35 bucks!

I continued work on my jeans bag. I got into beading. Slow but therapeutic.

BORED meeting. My special women's group got together at Maria's. As usual, we sat around the kitchen table, munching and sipping a little vino. Wine & whine. We graduated to the hot tub, but the electricity was out in the circuit, but we got in anyway and sat in our warm bath for a good long time.

Friday. Enough with the "fabric art" already. My studio is crowded out with ironing board, boxes of old beads and broken jewelry. I put everything away for a fresh start.

Got a call from Joseph Bellows. He runs a cool contemporary photography gallery in La Jolla, California. He's the son of the guy Jim bought the Paul Wall collection from and I'd written him for advice. It was great talking to him. He is going to take the collection on consignment and thinks he can sell it for the price we want. (And he loved my web presentation of it.) Yay!! Some progress in a week where I felt like I was standing still.

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