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Wednesday, 8.10.05: 3 PM Nip or Nap

Do you wake up at 3 AM? Back in February I wrote about this phenomenon. Now I've identified its opposite: the 3 PM dip.

Maybe this just happens to incorrigible early risers. Your day bustles along, then you find yourself staring into space wondering what to do next. What was it you thought was so important to get accomplished today? If you're self-employed or otherwise home-based, the day's agenda has simplified to two choices: nip or nap.

Anxiety wakes us up at 3 AM. Our to-do list wakes us up at 6 AM. Our overloaded circuits make us dim out at 3 PM.

Our overloaded circuits make us dim out at 3 PM

Certain jobs, school-age children, work-out routines and compulsions to cook multi-course dinners mask this phenomenon, just like youthful tranquility lets you sleep solidly through the night. But, left to its own rhythms, my circuitry has had enough by 3. A glass of wine or a wee gin and tonic hits the spot. Alternatively, a little power nap feels oh-so luxurious. (Why do I fall asleep so easily in the afternoon and so reluctantly at 11 PM?)

F. Scott Fitzgerald identified his "3 AM of the soul" -- when anxiety and depression take over 24/7 and the smallest things take on tragic proportions. "3 PM of the soul" must come when the circuits have hit a point of permanent overload and "nip or nap" are the only two items ever on the to do list. 3 AM crashes into 3 PM. Happy Hour as solution.

Let's not go there.




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