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Monday, 8.8.05: Dressing Up

Yesterday was low energy after an evening out -- a 40th birthday party. Maybe Saturday was low energy too -- or high energy, low productivity. Either way I was stressing out, but now I can't remember why. I do know that, when it came time for the party it was really important for me to be wearing the color red. Was I worried that my more psychically attuned friends would see a tired aura? Hmm... no one's ever remarked on my aura -- maybe I don't have one.

Or maybe I felt the color red would be my own cure for feeling off balance. So, in addition to a red blouse, I wore a red necklace (from my mother-in-law's trove of costume jewelry), a silver and coral dragon bracelet (from China), a red glass-beaded bracelet (from Thailand), red strawberry earrings (from Mexico), a ring with a red glass stone (from Central Asia), a multicolored pin (from my sister K.), and of course my brightest red lipstick. I was not only in red but swimming in a multicultural soup.

Assuming I didn't just look like a clownish suburbanite trying to be urbane, the formula seemed to work. We had a good time and no one said my aura looked out of sorts.

But I did have 3 glasses of wine. 

I'm beginning to notice that when I have a few glasses of wine (or whatever), my sleep is more disturbed. I'm warm and restless, like I can feel the alcohol metabolizing. Is this a sign of getting old?




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