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Saturday 8.6.05: Week in Review

It was a crazy week as I jumped from project to project.

Some people complain about a winter syndrome -- the depressive effect of long gray days. But I think there is a summer syndrome too. We're all under pressure to "make hay while the sun shines." Do something! How many people have said this week: "Oh, I can't believe it's August already! And I haven't even done [whatever]."

We haven't done any "summery" things. No bicycling, no fishing, not even much sitting on the back porch -- though we did force ourselves to take a walk in the park Tuesday evening. We keep saying we're going to take the fast ferry to Toronto and then we don't.

But the syndrome is more than about "going out to play." It's really about "making hay." Being productive. Maybe, for some, it's about gardening or dealing with the house exterior. Or it's about using the "slow season" to get ready for the fast pace of fall.

For me, that means shopkeeping: loading up books, sheet music, and other items into our store, hoping for a brisk Christmas shopping season. (I wonder what kind of mood people have to be in to buy their gifts on Ebay -- either feeling broke & looking for a bargain or feeling adventurous & looking for something wonderful [my shop, of course]).

I got far enough with the Paul Wall project to write a photography dealer in California for advice -- someone who used to live in Rochester and was helpful moving Jim's camera collection. But he's on vacation.

I contacted a dealer for a box of very obscure medical history books, written by one of Jim's professors at Yale. The dealer specializes in rare history of medicine books but didn't want them. I have to figure out what next.

My Highland Hospital project came out okay, but I'm not sure how to go about getting it to the right people and getting a little publicity for the interesting local history parts of it.

I took a break from frantic shopkeeping to indulge in frantic craftiness. I've spent too much time on fabrication of my jeans bag, and not enough (yet) on decoration. It's not surprising that my seamstress principles would overpower my puny fabric art skills, since I spent a good decade of the ancient past making my own clothes. This was supposed to be an exercise in spontaneity and fun but instead I poured diligence into the bottom gusset, into getting lace integrated with the strap seam and into attaching the strap to belt loops with some brass rings I found. I have fabric paint, glitter, beads and tons of broken jewelry I could jazz this up with but it's not melding together.

And so another week ends...

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