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Monday, 8.1.05:  Back to Sheet Music

Fred AstaireYou know a project is bad when it sends me gleefully back to cataloging sheet music.

My Highland Hospital album project is taking a time-out, sulking in the corner, waiting for me to return to a heroic project-finishing mood (or a frustrated "I can't stand looking at you pouting anymore" mood, whichever comes first).

Meanwhile, yesterday, I scanned in an interesting bunch of Fred Astaire sheet music titles and posted them in my Ebay store as a lot of 15. Fred Astaire must be more popular than Bing Crosby. His movies still play regularly on the cable channels, don't they?

The Fred Astaire listing went smoothly because I learned a few tricks last week (during my Paul Wall obsession) about batch processing in Photoshop and because I already had a template set up from the Bing Crosby sale listing.

Joan Crawford 1929And so I proceeded to grab the next set of music to be sold. The plastic sleeve was labeled 1929. It must have been a great year in Hollywood because Jim collected 49 titles from that year. I did my little ballet from scanner to computer to work table and got them all scanned, bagged and tagged in what must have been record time.

Writing the ebay descriptions takes longer. I only got through half my stack. We'll see how far I get this afternoon in moving them all into my store.

There was a spurt of framing sheet music for cheap and amusing vintage art -- in the 80s or early 90s, I think. I wish I had a way to encourage everyone to get back in the habit.

If I get our entire collection posted, we'll have quite an inventory in this category. Maybe I'll do some pre-Christmas advertising through Google or Yahoo! to stoke the engine of commerce.




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