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Saturday 7.30.05: Week in Review

Another summer week slips by. The weather has finally broken and the days turned breezy and cool.

Ebay sales. Herman raised about $45 from selling about 35 of her feathers. Cool. I used that as a down payment on a new cage. She doesn't take to change very easily, but was comfortable in her new home within a couple hours.

I stopped my auctions till September, but am continuing to stock my store. A pair of nice brass candlesticks sold for a fixed price of $125. They're very sweet, with little Viennese bronze cockatoos, but were always wobbly -- in need of some sort of soldering I wasn't motivated to figure out.

I spent a lot of time scanning Paul Wall photographs and trying to think of ways to present them to prospective buyers. In the process, I discovered some interesting feature of Photoshop that will come in handy.

We ended the week by plunging headlong into upgrading our kitchen. We've been looking at catalogs and samples for a few weeks now. Then on Thursday, our contractor met us at Home Depot and the planner there laid out a new kitchen -- cherry cabinets and granite countertops, with a new microwave (to fit over the stove) and dishwasher (ours hasn't worked in years). Yesterday morning Jim and I took an excursion to look at tile for the backsplash, then we reconvened back at Home Depot to hand over our moolah. A September project.

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