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Friday, 7.22.05:  My Green Fields

I take yoga 3 times a week. It's a nice way to combine exercise with a sort of meditation. You're supposed to let your mind go blank and concentrate on your breathing and your postures. I'm not great at it and I can't always block out my To Do List, but a certain harmony does take hold.

Balance postures: The best way to keep your balance (if you're standing on one foot, say) is to look at something that isn't moving. If you are daring and confident, you close your eyes.

If I'm "in the zone," I can keep my balance by letting my eyes see a scene that's only in my head. It's a very specific vision.

The more intensely I can visualize a sweeping panorama of terraced rice paddies, the better my balance. The focal point is a little man down there with a water buffalo. If I can really stare into this scene, my balance is great.

Isn't that weird? I've wondered why that scene is so wired into me. It's a real place, on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. I've always been mesmerized by the patterns in tightly terraced  hillsides and glowing green rice paddies, but on that day in 1997, I thought I was looking down on a perfect place. I could look into it forever, like you can look into a fire or at the ocean.

But fires are flickering orange and oceans are frothy gray-blue. My panorama is shimmering green.

Since I'm doing yoga, I looked up what the color green means in the Hindu tradition.

This tradition recognizes a system of chakras, or wheels of energy up the length of your spine to your head. Each chakra has an associated color and function (from Wikipedia):

Root red instinct, survival
Sacrum orange emotion, sexual energy, self-acceptance
Solar plexus yellow mental functioning, power, control, freedom to be oneself, career
Heart/Lung emerald green or pink devotion, love, compassion
Throat blue speech, self-expression
Third eye indigo intuition, Extra-sensory perception
(just above the head)
violet connection to the divine space

So, if I follow along, my heart center is the source of my balance.

From Bella Online, their New Age section:

The heart chakra is the fourth chakra, and is represented by the color green. In some people who have developed the ability to be unconditionally loving, the heart chakra becomes a rosy pink. This is the chakra of love, romance, relationships and communication.

If your heart chakra is healthy, you will both be able to empathize with others as well as accept love and friendship into your own life. You will have good friends who you get along with, and will be able to form loving relationships. You will also be compassionate towards yourself.

If your heart chakra is unhealthy, you will have trouble maintaining friendships and finding love. It might be that you feel lonely or are hard on yourself. It might also be that you are obsessive and domineering, or closed off, 'cold hearted'.

I can't really say what it all adds up to, but this morning these thoughts are stretching my mind.




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