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Saturday 7.16.05: Week in Review

Saturday. Company for dinner: Ben and Valerie. Because they are worldly and knowledgeable about art, their visit prompted my dusting frenzy. Of course they also take cooking classes, but I felt no urge to drag out the cookbooks and make a fancy meal.

I sold the antique chocolate mold for what I wanted -- a reasonable profit (though I nursed fantasies of a fabulous profit -- we can always dream).

Sunday. Dinner with Heidi & Paul -- Jim's daughter and son-in-law. They are adding an addition to their house. Seems like everyone I know is upgrading -- maybe because new houses are so expensive.

The week slid by, full of hustle and bustle. Brian (aka, our home improvement guy)  came by to install the laundry room sink and to give the ground floor closet a couple coats of moisture-proofing paint (outside wall was bare concrete block). He also dropped off brochures about kitchen cabinets.

The rest of the week was spent rethinking what does and doesn't go back into the closet -- decision-making more strategic than you might think. I was going to totally reorganize Jim's boxes of papers & memorabilia in hopes of more efficient organization, but, at the suggestion, he began having nightmares. I interpreted these as his feeling exposed and vulnerable, so I did us both a favor and returned the boxes to the closet unopened.

But I did transfer about 1200 of his late 1960s travel slides from big metal storage boxes to plastic slide holders that will fit in notebooks or file folders. This was the height of his international work: Africa and Latin America. I felt envious that I wasn't with him. While he was living large, I was in high school and college, studying languages and only dreaming of being a cosmopolitan. The storage boxes -- now on ebay.

Sales-wise, I began the process of selling a few parrot items, including feathers. Jim was much more enthusiastic about sorting "goods from the feather factory" by size and color than he was about going through his old college papers.

We also delved into the boxes of medical history books, which must be sold. Another new area for me to research.

Decorating. I fantasized about the kitchen. I was geared toward Italian stone and painted cabinets. But then we watched the movie Indochine and my mind veered suddenly to dark woods and an Asian look.

All in all, the week was spent racing from one project to the next. It overstimulates me and then I don't sleep well, but it's fun just the same.

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