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Friday 7.15.05: A Parrot Moment

I dug this out of an old sketchbook -- January, 1985. We took our little Hermanita down to NYC to visit the yellow nape Ms. Stanley and the cockatoo Mr. Hulot.

Hermanita thought she was there to make friends with fellow beaked creatures, having been cooped up alone with her human for more than a year.

Ms. Stanley displayed her extreme parrothood -- seductive and competitive. When put on the same parrot "tree" with Hermanita, she began to chant "Oh, I love my baby bird." She approached her innocent visitor with head down and eyes pinning, a sure foreshadowing of mayhem. Hermanita was quickly removed back to her cage.

Mr. Hulot was the Greek chorus, less interested in joining the hen fight than in heightening the general air of melodrama with full-body squawking.




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