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Wednesday 7.13.05: Parrots

I used to collect parrot stuff. Parrotiana? Anyway, I decided to sell off part of it -- the knick-knack end of the collection and some of the paper (ads, prints, etc.) -- things that have lost their emotional connection.

In the process of looking at parrotphernalia on ebay, I discovered that it's apparently okay to sell parrot feathers. Somehow I'd been thinking they might fall into a forbidden animal parts category. We've never knowingly thrown away any of Hermanita's feathers, so we may have upwards of 20 years' worth of her greenery. It could amount to quite a little savings account for our little feather factory, which could contribute to buying her a new cage.

If I wore a parrot mask, what would I represent?

In thinking about peddling parrotabilia I'm wondering about the symbolism in a parrot. If I were to wear a parrot mask, what would I represent?

Americans (maybe Europeans too) link parrots with talkativeness and mimickry. The ancient Mayans may have interpreted this as our gift of speech from the goddess parrot.

A quick Google doesn't reveal much else. I may have to develop my own symbolism.

What does Hermanita represent?

She lives on the border between domesticated and wild. She loves the safety and comfort of her cage, but also demands to get out when she sees an opportunity to dominate the flock.

She is bossy and opinionated, judgmental about the people she meets. A drama queen. And yet she can demonstrate puppy-dog affection, especially when she wants her head scratched.

I was going to write more, but I'm out of time.

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