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Tuesday 7.12.05: Pandora's Closet

quick! before the Anti-Throwaway spirit jumps in!

I've mentioned our closets. The one on the ground floor, under the steps has been the source of many treasures as boxes of restless spirits jockey to be next on the auction block.

But lately, it's also been the source of a certain dankness -- the concrete block wall is below grade and seems more permeable than it used to be to moisture. This we can't afford.

Our home improvement guy suggested sealant for the wall and concrete floor. A great solution, causing a new problem: emptying the closet.

I tackled this yesterday afternoon. Half the stuff is Jim's personal archive. His parents' material have been winnowed down to the essentials. But the boxes containing Jim's "youth," "college," and "medical school" memorabilia will need to be reviewed for those things that once seemed important but now seem like trash (quick! before the Anti-Throwaway spirit jumps in!).

Task: The Connubial Collaborators will have to open each box, with the recycle bin and smaller file boxes at our side.

Task: Me -- Sort through his old trip slides, taking them out of big metal boxes, putting them into compact notebooks, throwing away any where he looks happy with his ex-wife.

Then there are 4 or 5 boxes of books -- old books relating to medical history. Having been sprung from the closet, they will not be returning.

Task: Me -- type up a list of contents. Jointly, contact medical history book dealer for a price on the lot.

It's not all Jim's stuff. I dragged out 3 large flat boxes full of my own little collectibles.

Task: Me -- Sort through which are ready for ebay and which are still emotionally active for me.

Lordy! By bedtime I was in full overload.




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