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Saturday 7.9.05: Week in Review

Saturday. Auctions did surprisingly well at the last minute. Once again, most of my orphan photos went "home": a Mormon landmark to Salt Lake City; the casino at Monte Carlo to nearby France; Chautauqua landmarks down to Chautauqua.

Sunday. We went to dinner with some new people. Someone Jim met at an antique show invited us over along with some tennis-playing friends. We were distinctly non-tennis people, but managed hold up our end of the conversation with our various adventures. I know I ran my mouth too much because I was enjoying the copious wine. Hope we weren't too boring.

Monday. Independence Day. A blurry start to the week. Consequences of too much wine. Puttered around.

Tuesday. Trying to develop a strategy for putting up more guides and tutorials on my site. Seems like I've accumulated lots of new knowledge researching items for ebay. But, damn, turning that into "how-tos" is a project. I can never seem to simply "dash something off."

I can never seem to simply dash something off.

Wednesday. A first. A local woman contacted us about some photos she found in her great aunt's attic. She found our listings on ebay. We decided to meet at Panera's and she bought us lunch. Her pictures were small card photos (cartes-de visite) from Germany. We thought they must be her ancestors. It was fun going out with Jim for lunch. I hope our neighbor found us worth the price of two sandwiches.

Thursday. Framing & picture hanging day.

Also arrived: my new EZcube light tent from Table-Top Studio. The idea is that you can set small objects inside and shine light through its translucent surface for beautiful diffused lighting. I've been looking for a solution like this for my ebay photos. (A few test shots convinced me this was easier said than done.) The Table-Top web site also has some great advice for photographing small items.

Friday. For all the fun Jim and I had rehanging pictures last night, I really woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I didn't know it till I tried to take photos of a large Chinese scroll on the study floor. The first set were all blurry and really twisted my knickers. So then I set up lights, put the camera on tripod, and kept tripping over all the stands in that small space. Jim evacuated himself to safer territory.

I was compelled to take my afternoon nip at 2 o'clock instead of my usual 3 o'clock.

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