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Friday 7.8.05: Change of pace: hanging pictures

After yesterday's reflections, I took a break from all my mental gymnastics and middle-aged angst to do some physical work.

Problem. Items needing to be framed and displayed: two 1920s movie "window cards" lying on a box in our bedroom; a small French poster lying up against the wall of my studio; an engraving from an old Harper's of fanciful flying machines propped against the wall of our ground floor study.

Solution: Just do it.

Solution. Just do it. We have all kind of frames, frame kits, mat boards, and tools in storage. My morning project would recycle stuff we already had.

Of course, I'd forgotten what a production making a windowed mat for something is. And I've completely lost my touch with the Dexter Matter. Rats. I'll spare you the blow-by-blow, but by noon I had the Harper's and the French mini-poster framed. And I cut backing board for my window cards from foamcore, which I'd purchased months ago for this purpose.

Problem. Went to Home Depot for some 14 x 22 glass for the movie cards. Found Home Depot doesn't sell glass! What's up with that??

Solution. The helper pointed out the plexigass (which I decided might be better than glass) but when I asked if they cut it to size, he pointed out the cutting tool. So I learned to cut plexiglass. Cool. I sandwiched the plastic, poster, and backing together with those frameless Uni-frame corners.

Problem. Where to hang my day's work, in a house where the current items on display already demand every cubic inch of space.

Solution: Creative crowding.

Solution. Creative crowding. This was a project in itself. Jim and I spent the evening figuring out how to cover up any available square foot of wall space. We not only got my 4 newly-framed items up, but also hung 10 other items that were either sitting on a shelves or lying on the floor. Anything with a hook got hung. And we even engineered some new hooks on some old frames that had lost their hangers. What a great evening of connubial collaboration!

Conclusion. Where there's a will there's a way.




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