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Thursday 7.7.05: Redesigning "Redesigning"

Back in May, I was wondering if I had what it takes to be a "genuine blogger." Could I write short, pithy entries that would be both inspirational and informative to a growing audience?

So, with a post-vacation energy surge, I retooled "Greed & Arrogance" into "Redesigning."


... It isn't specialized enough. It's generally targeted toward "artists" but not at a specific group. That is both my joy and my curse: I jump from being writer, filmmaker, graphic artist, and aspiring radio producer in any given week.

... I hate being an echo chamber -- redirecting visitors to what other people are saying. It's beginning to feel like that's all the internet is about. How many pages to I land on that are nothing but computer-generated ads?

... I think of my "webwork" as my art, not as my job. It's about me, me, me, not about what a set of customers wants.

... I have no customers anyway. No one really showed up at Redesigning, despite my fitful attempts to hook up with various blog networks. When I saw at Technorati (kind of a clearinghouse for blogs) that Redesigning ranked something like 710,566, I had that awful feeling of hopelessness.

... But, you know, when I check out my fellow bloggers in, say, the Writing category, they really all sound like idiots. I can only visualize them as high school students entertaining their friends or bored cube-farm workers punching in their stream of consciousness thoughts. Is that the "Movement" I want to be part of? Where do I tap into the sophisticates who read The New Yorker?

... I actually enjoy developing real content, whether it's a tutorial or my evolving family history or the slow synthesis of something like my "ebay chronicles." I hate spitting in the ocean.


... I can't say I've pondered all the options yet, but I'm thinking of redesigning Redesigning as a portal to my own work, where I can build a more coherent set of resources over time. 

... I need a way to link into a community that is "me." My most loyal readers are over 40 (my most, most, most loyal readers are over 55) -- people who can actually read more than a short paragraph at a sitting. My target audience (I'm thinking) are the people who read The New Yorker, who listen to Studio 360 on National Public Radio -- people who are brainy but don't take themselves too seriously. Maybe, instead of giving a party that nobody comes to, I should spend some time figuring out where my audience actually does party and see if I can join them.




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