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Saturday 7.2.05: Week in Review

Saturday. Not a bad ebay week. One item broke $100 -- the photograph above. It's 20 inches long -- beautiful shot of a Florida river. I knew it would sell well.

Nothing is ever quite as easy as you plan it to be...

Sunday - Monday - Tuesday. The damn drain in the laundry room backed up AGAIN. Luckily our water alarm worked and the big basin we put beneath the pipe caught most of the mess. The plumber said it was lint AGAIN. I told him that I couldn't get the lint filter to work with the washer draining directly into a standpipe. He said to use pantyhose. I did laundry on Tuesday, tried the pantyhose in multiple experiments, didn't work. To make a long story short, I was FRUSTRATED. I finally called a guy all my friends are using for their home improvements and yelled HELP. He's coming over on Friday.

Amid the early week frustration, somehow I decided that listing our sheet music collection on ebay would be a fun, easy thing to do. Didn't know we had a sheet music collection? Why wouldn't we? Jim went through a period of collecting sheet music related to movies and movie stars.

But nothing is ever quite as easy as you plan it to be. I scanned 2 stacks (1950/60s and 1920) -- about 65 and actually listed about 30. The original foot-high stack doesn't look dented. Another case of the loaves and the fishes.

Tuesday afternoon I stopped by Maria's, where she was having a meeting with her staff -- who nearly all used to be my staff. It was fun to see everyone, but since they were discussing problems that were unsolved when I left 18 months ago and unsolved 10, 15, 20 years ago, I was glad I didn't have to deal with them anymore.

Thursday. I got a good start rewriting my ebay entries for radio scripts -- could be interesting. Ann came over and we did a "wine & whine" on our back porch, without the wine. (Okay, I did put a wee dram of vodka into my ice tea.)

Yesterday. Somehow I spent the whole day "remixing" my family history index pages. It wasn't in the plan at all, but I got involved in separating out the Prices from the Barretts... and then the day was over.

The home improvement guy stopped by last night. He thought it would be easy to install a sink for the laundry drain. What a relief that will be! We also took him on a tour of our 1970s bathrooms and kitchen (remember gold-flecked formica?) and will finally get the ball rolling to do some upgrades there. Way overdue. Maybe the drain frustration was a blessing in disguise.

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