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Friday 7.1.05: Genies in the Closet

Sometimes the darnedest things squeeze themselves out of our packed closets. This week it was a big heavy 1930's German chocolate mold, with a capacity to make 48 chocolates in the shapes of cars, trains, ships, or  Zeppelins.

I think the most restless spirits in our house belong to things in closets or things packed too tightly on shelves, ignored and unappreciated. Maybe they are like genies in a bottle. I'm hopping onto Google for a quick search...

According to Virginia Marin, posting at Suite 101:

In Roman mythology, a man was always under the protection of a guardian spirit known as a genius... A common belief held that man actually had two genii, one good and one evil... Bad luck was attributed to the evil genius. Good fortune came from the other which, according to some comparisons, was similar to a Christian's guardian angel. Only Roman males were fortunate enough to have genii. Females had beings known as a Juno...

But the one genie known to all of us is that bottle imp who vaporizes out of a magic lamp or container of some type. One warning says that the owner of a bottle will be condemned to hell; another says a genie bottle is indestructible and if it is purposefully lost, it will return itself to the present owner; yet another warning says that the only way to rid one's self of a genie bottle is to sell it for half the price paid for it. Who among us is a bottle collector?

Whether genie, jinni, jinn, genii or genius these beings were thought of as all-powerful. They had great natural and inventive ability. They were smart and possessed great mental capacity--each was a genius, err, genie.

If it were up to Jim, all his spirited treasures would be out and about...

Having both an evil genius and a guardian angel is very apt for Jim, who has enjoyed the services of both. He is also responsible for most of noise in our closets. No, that's not quite true. If it were up to Jim, all his spirited treasures would be out and about, taking up all the available floor space and being backed into closets or buried in the bottom layers of shelves only when they are pushed there by more dominant souls -- a Darwinian ecosystem where natural selection can occur.

I'm the one who insists on reorganizing, boxing things up, putting things away, to give us space for living. My juno must be a practical spirit, as all women are, since they maintain the hearth. So, I'm the one who is ultimately haunted by the genies in the closet.

So back to the chocolate mold. It must have bitten Jim on the toe while he was looking for something else. "Look what I found," he says to me, holding up the booty. I know it was the spirit of chocolate that seduced him into buying something so offbeat. 

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