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Sunday 6.26.05: Time for a plan

My friend Joanne told me that the last two weeks have been witness to a tremendous surge of energy in the ... solar system, I think it was.

This, plus my relaxed week in Mexico, could account for my energized mood around projects.

another solemn Minnie Sackett portrait on a tintypeProblem: now I have too many things going and little to show for it. And some of my dearest projects are still only ideas that seize me in the middle of yoga class when my mind is supposed to be blank but are lost in the din of easier things and then sunk in my late afternoon lethargy.

Even though my "company" is my, myself and I, I need to sit down and create a plan. You know, tasks and timelines.

By September 21 -- summer's end -- what will I say I've accomplished?

I've started a list...

P.S. For those of you who gave me feedback on "Minnie's Masks," I found another portrait of her as a toddler. Seems like she had a solemn face from the get-go.




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