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Saturday 6.25.05: Week in Review

It was an active week and the scales this morning tell me it was also way too self-indulgent.

I dove headlong into capturing and logging all the photos in the Sackett & Mason box. In part it was obsession. It part it was knowing that I needed to apply some energy to the project. Do it or don't do it. Get the photos scanned or put the box back into the closet for another year. I have too many half-done projects around me to let another one crowd my little studio. I still have a few more scans to do. I'm not sure what we'll ultimately do with the collection, but at the least I'll be able to put together a nice sales presentation, either on paper or on the web.

The auctions that ended on 6/18 were successful. I got what I wanted for the brass microscope, but packing it was a project in itself, taking a good part of Sunday and Monday to figure out how to protect it from rattling around on its journey to the new owner in California.

What I made on the microscope got immediately spent on my car...

But, what I made on the microscope got spent immediately on my car, which failed to pass its annual inspection because the front brakes were bad. Easy come, easy go.

In between scanning photos, packing ebay sales, arranging car repairs, and returning a dehumidifier that broke after less than a week of operation, I worked on upgrading my web pages. I dug into my site statistics and was amazed to learn that my most popular page is a tutorial on how to digitize 78-rpm records. Go figure. Another blockbuster page is my Irish Were Egyptians -- no surprise -- people are always looking for words to old Irish-American songs.

On Thursday, the weather turned perfect. I swept the back porch and washed the table and chairs. An old friend came over and joined us for happy hour. I was trying my ipod with a little speaker system, so we wound up singing to the Four Tops as the sun sank slowly in the west.

Yesterday, I realized I'd spend all my "auction" time on the Sackett & Mason photos but had nothing to put up for sale today. I rushed into scanning an old movie-related sheet music collection. But my computer doesn't respond well to rushing and decided to make mischief with me. Grrr... I rebooted and left it to brood while I went off to another happy hour.

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