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Tuesday 6.7.05: Our Magic Places

I got some interesting responses to yesterday's question:

From the Secret Sharer in Denmark:

... Today my magic place is behind the mask [Dunkelfolket mask-dancing] When I was a little one, they were all over in my known world, but I'm not that good in finding them any more. My little garden may be one, but then I have to share, and here and now I feel that it can't be magic when I have to share. can't be magic when I have to share...

From KMcD:

... 75 degrees on a starry night with a stunning cast of any show at The Muny [summer theater in St. Louis]

... in Kitty Mom's basement with Kitty Mom and Ewald playing the slot machine, eating chips and soda [grandparents]

... sitting in the tree in our backyard

From Redesigning reader Dick:

... Ros Rua, near Cashel Bay in Connemara, County Galway

My own list is a crazy mixture:

... Looking out the bathroom window in the house I grew up in (the only private place in our house -- somehow there, looking out over the rooftops, I sensed the future and my own powers)

...the back deck of our condo...

... The back deck of our condo (where Jim and I fantasized our trip to Central Asia -- it is the place where I can see the future now -- the woods disappear and it becomes a boat or a terrace looking over mountaintops)

... The Andes (for their sheer gorgeousness and for the way art thrives there. Jim mentioned the Andes too - Machu Picchu haunts his mind.)

... Christie Lake, Ontario, Canada (about friendship, about kissing fish, about making movies)

... Picasso's house in Paris (oh, the vibes!)

... A lodge in the Amazon one night sitting in a circle of light, drinking Chilean wine with fellow travelers, listening to the pounding rain.

Some of these are places that will always be magic to me. Some are moments in time/place that won't be captured again.

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