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Thursday 6.2.05: Back from Mexico

Got back last night from our week on the island of Cozumel. It was a vacation to get in touch with my iguana-self. Quit striving, quit planning, quit scheming, just BE. No projects, no goals. Fugai had sent me a good novel to sink into, so I took off my watch, looked out my window at the turquoise sea, and blanked my mind of everything practical.

This state of mind is also referred to as "margaritaville." However, the first night we were there I wasted myself at the 2-for-one happy hour. Flattened. Unable to arise to go to dinner. I didn't quite want to live in that place for a week, so I switched to the kinder, gentler sangria and avoided 2-for-1s.

Today the scales tell me the price I pay for living like an iguana all week. Back to exercise class and sensible eating. Back to business.

While I was gone, my wonderful but long-ignored radio piece "Kitty Keeps On Singing" finally got licensed for radio broadcast. Not by one organization, but by two.

WHQR is a public radio station based in Wilmington NC and served southeast North Carolina and northeast South Carolina. 

Public Radio East operates a number of stations in North Carolina: WTEB (New Bern), WKNS (Kinston), WBJD (Atlantic Beach), and WZNB (New Bern).

I'm assuming the piece was picked up as part of Memorial Day programming. Appears that folks from North Carolina take their soldiers seriously.


I'll post some trip pictures and a travel tale or two later this week...








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