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Saturday 5.21.05: Smell the Lilacs

This morning Maria and I will be going to the premiere of our 4-minute blockbuster on "The Seneca Park Zoo Society: Mission & Magic." It is the Zoo Society's annual meeting. (The zoo itself belongs to Monroe County, but the Zoo Society raises money for it.) I think the final product is sweet but not sappy. Funny, I'm less nervous about people liking it than I am about whether they tested it on their equipment and whether they will have it set up correctly so it can be seen/heard to best advantage. I think that must be creator's anxiety as I hand my baby over to new owners.

We are leaving for vacation on Tuesday. I haven't checked the morning papers yet. George Bush was considering a visit here on Tuesday and that could screw up everything at the airport. I don't see why he would want to come to Hillary Clinton territory anyway.

Someone asked me why we go away on vacation during Rochester's most beautiful season. She's right. People are coming from all over to see our blooming lilacs. All the decorative trees are in flower -- cherries, apple, magnolia -- and the air is perfumed.

But I timed the trip to occur after the video production was done (kind of a forced relaxation and occasion to switch gears). When we get back on June 1, it will be almost time for the local strawberry harvest -- much more delicious and worthwhile than acres of lilacs.

I promised myself I'd have ebay auctions ready to go for when we get back. Because of the video and impending time away, I haven't done any business since my last auction ended May 1. I need to get back into that groove, but I'm procrastinating. Maybe tomorrow...








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