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Monday 5.16.05: Not Really A Blogger

It wasn't' on my To Do List, but yesterday I spent about 3 hours compulsively copying my "Greed and Arrogance" entries from the blog site on Salon into Mad in Pursuit. Cursing all the while. I was led to believe that backup copies were kept on my own computer, but I seemed to have backup copies of every damn piece of coding -- everything but the actual text of my entries, the only thing that's important to me to save.

My last G&A rant was November 2004. The election took the wind out of my sails and December traveling set my mind working in new directions. The notion that I could be politically influential from my desk chair was so over.

Lessons learned:

For a blogger, I'm way too long-winded. The most successful bloggers post short entries 5 or 6 times a day as they surface information about the topic they are obsessed with. They are always on the prowl for bits of info that can fit into their opinionated world view. Successful ones have also figured out how to get an equally passionate audience of who will comment and spread the word. Even if the successful blogger never sticks his head out of his computer den, blogging is still a highly social activity. The point of the exercise is getting the following, doing the networking. As you can see, for me, the point is self-expression -- being more worried about losing my thoughts than my readers.


If I remove my G&A entries from the Salon site, I could re-title the blog and start over on a different track. I could retool and try to have a popular blog. But what would be the topic?

My "problem" is that I jump from passion to passion. One week it's family history, the next it's ebay. One week it's visual art, the next it's sound. Few people aside from my mother and husband care to track my crazy trajectory through the days.

I like to think of these passions as my grooves. I don't have ADD. Blogging is a perfect activity for the true ADD who loves jumping around from news site to news site looking for items to post. It feels productive but, unless they find a niche and an audience that feels well served, they are pretty much just wasting time. It isn't that I'm not distractible, but I hate wasting time.

Enough of this for today...








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