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Saturday 5.14.05: What's Next?

Last Saturday I reported my restlessness -- the kind where you're too jumpy to sleep and too tired to do anything. Now I'm restless in a more positive way -- energized and thinking about What Next.

Looks like the zoo video is done, with only some minor wording edits in the titles and credits. Success. Phew. Of course, I was gushing about the opportunity to do more work with them. I do like taking pictures of the animals.

This project got my head back into creative work. I started writing out my "creative" resume: the Cosmopolitan Productions from the angle of my own contribution plus the little bit of writing I've done that's gotten any attention. Who is Susan Price at this moment and what are her strengths and goals? An interesting exercise.

I'm fixated a little on radio. At the moment it feels like there are more venues for broadcasting -- and now podcasting -- my brand of little story. I know that mini-movies are coming to cell phones but... it's not something I'd personally subscribe to. But I love radio. Yesterday afternoon I downloaded podcast software and am seeing how I like listening to out-of-the-mainstream "radio" on my iPod. I imagine that, like online journals, most of podcasts are done by self-indulgent, boring amateurs -- something I could do!

Oh well, mustn't get ahead of myself. A week from Tuesday we're going on vacation -- 8 days in Cozumel, Mexico -- no adventure, just sun and surf. June will be the month for my next round of ambitions.








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