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Thursday 5.12.05: Social Breather

The zoo production is essentially done. A final run through with the Zoo Society staff on Friday and this little obsession will close out. My last step on Tuesday was making several DVD versions to see which settings combinations worked to give the best "print." There are complexities there that still have me stymied.

After dinner out on Tuesday, Jim and I brought the DVD over to show Maria and Scott. This launched a little social phase -- a healthy contrast to my nose-to-the-screen existence of the past couple weeks.

Yesterday morning I went over to Joanne's to tutor her in updating the web site I designed for her. She is also working on the production of a radio program so it was fun to talk "show business" with someone. I updated my radio resource page to share with her.

Then, happy hour with friends. When I got home, Jim and I went across the street for ice cream sundaes. Getting sundaes at twilight  is a perfect summer ritual except that our summer day teaser had turned chilly on us and we shivered standing in line.

Today I have both lunch and dinner out with girlfriends.

All this is good for the soul, bad for the waistline. Tomorrow -- back to my cereal, soup, and unbuttered popcorn diet. Promise.








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